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Monday, October 24, 2011

the Mythos of Legend Parturition

Let us take a moment to recognize the birth of a legend, as we bob in the wake that follows a meteoric thud in the realm of baseball.  The auspicious mythology was created last night by the warrior who wields a weapon of sleek elegant design: the wooden 34-inch, 32-ounce Marucci AP5 baseball bat of dusty-diamond-demiurge slugger Albert Pujols. Pitchers so rarely ever dare deliver him anything hittable, and his previous 8 appearance at the plate in the World Series were hit-less. And then for the 1st time in World Series history, we witnessed 4 hits in 4 consecutive at-bats and then 1 more. he hit a: Single, single, 3-run homer, and then a little bit more with a 2-run homer, and a solo homer. Pujols. 5 hits, 3 of them home runs, over 5 consecutive at-bats. He drove in 6 runs, bringing his team back from a 5-0 deficit to crushingly finish with a 16-7 victory. And now Pujols' only competition is with the gods. He contends with the legends of the past; the Sultan of Swing and Mr. October, for only Babe Ruth & Reggie Jackson have ever hit this many homers in a World Series game -and by the way, 2 of Pujols' homers were hit out of the ballpark. He accounted for 14 total bases, a new World Series record. And thus we have witnessed the myth breathed into legend in the form of a new progeny. Pujols -for thousands of years, human protective rituals and custom will enact the guardianship of the warrior wielding a wooden bat.

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