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Thursday, October 20, 2011


We are our own best existing authority available to decimate our own unfiltered identification. Existence's conversion into a digital universe has inadvertently incited an exponentially increasing influence from the Faux. This international junta of master illusionists has enjoyed unprecedented anonymity under the guise of a collective consumer perception.

But fear not Braination, for the Tendrils can never hold us all down. Even if we can only offer a feeble wiggle, we will rebel from its cold clutches, even if we have to dance our way to freedom. The Tendrils of Faux can never stop the wiggling, so wiggle on.

It is time to re-introduce yourself to your understanding. Movement is a state of mind, so erode its grip. Creationeering will dilute our presence from the Faux's Radar. If we constantly reinvent our understanding of ourselves, then the Faux will be unable to pinpoint our location and, in turn, our collective existence.

By implementing the art of Creationeering, we engage a perpetual spiritual dialogue between understanding and wiggling.

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